Explore Japan’s Hidden World! Sake Brewery Tour in Tokyo

Have you ever experienced the real world of Japanese sake? Your guide will escort you to a top-ranked Japanese sake brewery, which does not usually accept individual tourists, and which your guide handpicked from more than 1,600 sake breweries in Japan.

The Best Brands and Seasonal Sake

You will be invited to see first hand how sake is produced manually, and to enjoy some of the brewery’s best sake and other varieties that you cannot find on the market. You can learn about the history of sake brewing and make a comparison with wine making.

Communication with Native Japanese

You will meet brewery owners, sake craftsmen and industry experts who will guide you inside the brewery. You may also meet and talk with tour participants from Japan.

Travel to the Historical Brewery

The history of sake goes back more than 2,000 years. The architecture of sake breweries is a big part of Japanese culture, similar to temple or shrine architecture. Let your eyes feast on the traditional Japanese sake brewery buildings.



  • Luke
  • The area is definitely rural, with many mountains and rice growing everywhere. The air is clean.
  • Marie
  • The brewery uses water from 150 meters underground. I drank some of the water; just as I expected, it was clean, fresh, and clear.
  • Steven
  • We got to try all the different kinds of sake the brewery makes which was a big plus.
  • Troels
  • I was surprised to discover that all of the processes were done by hand.
  • Nick
  • I really appreciate the tour! Trying fine sake was a great experience.
  • Eric
  • October 2015 marked my first trip to a sake brewery, and it is one of my most memorable days ever!
  • Reem
  • Sake stole my heart. The people, the culture, and of course the brewed beverage are indescribably addictive.
  • David
  • I had an amazing day at the brewery!
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I am not familiar with sake. Can I still enjoy the tour?
Your guide, a sake connoisseur, will show you a side of the brewery that you can enjoy.
I do not speak Japanese. Can I still enjoy the tour?
Your English-speaking guide will support you all the time.
I usually do not drink much. Can I still enjoy the tour?
You have nothing to worry about. It depends on you how much you drink. You can try “Shikomi-mizu”, the water used for fermentation, as a drink chaser.
How can I make a reservation to join the tour?
Please book here.
If I like some of the sake, can I buy it?
Yes, you can. You can also buy seasonal sake that is sold only onsite.
Can I bring my child to the tour?
Yes, you can. However, only people over 20 years old can drink.